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A good blogger review that shoutmeloud in our website

A good blogger review that shoutmeloud in our website
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‘Million’ is a word that is magic. Until a couple of years back, it was an alien word for me.

I am from New Delhi, India, and here we speak in Crores and Lakhs. As a result of globalization and the development of the startup and blogging businesses,”million” is no longer a term that’s exciting for me.

Since ShoutMeLoud receives over 1.5 million page views a month, and one of my goals for this year is to reach 2 million page views per month.

I think we could get there…

Welcome to this exceptional record of ShoutMeLoud!

Every month or two, I publish a report like this saying what’s happening with our website, how we performed in terms of traffic and earnings, and a great deal of fresh ideas and suggestions for authors in each niche to cultivate their own blogging companies .

If you’re not certain why I publish such transparency reports, then you need to read our doctrine here and check out preceding income reports here.

In conclusion, I would like you to be your own boss and live a life that’s truly yours. And if you follow my advice, you can get there!

So let us start with a few of the highlights of July, we will take a look at our visitors and income reports.

The biggest challenge I am facing is supplying the foundation for growth that is consistent Since ShoutMeLoud is growing. Is with the brightest minds working in a collaborative work.

At the time of this writing, we have a group of 6 fulltime individuals (including me),and everyone has a distinct and significant role to play:

Two Content Writers
1 Editor
1 Designer
1 Development Hacker
One of my aims is to take ShoutMeLoud without bringing my team all together and this can not be achieved.

Hint : If you’ve got a team of over 3 or 4 members, I recommend you host a staff meeting. Team meetings are great because areas of the company get to socialize together. This goes a long way in building team morale up.

Announce the date/time 1 week beforehand. Send a calendar invitation.
Use a tool such as Zoom or Skype’s Group Chat to host the meeting.
For the last two months, I started doing a new thing to improve my productivity, and it has been working out. I’ve begun using a calendar to schedule daily one month. This has enabled me to eliminate the guess work that I face on any given day, and I end up completing of what I want to most.

I recommend you to begin trying it out, if you’re like me that hasn’t been good with calendars.

A Couple of Things You could do:

Use the Google Calendar program on your phone.
Schedule all your meetings ahead of time.
If you make a promise to someone to get a telephone call or a meeting, add it right away to your own calendar.
Configure Calendly to program your online meeting. It is a program when you’re working with other people in different time zones to schedule calls.
1 advantage of working with a calendar this way is I have started to value my limited quantity of time. Now, there’s absolutely not any such thing as”time wasted”.

Another thing which I began doing was auditing my goals. This enabled me to know about my style, and it enabled me to plan my week efficiently.

If You Would like to read more about productivity and time-management, check out this article:

Page Contents

In the first week of July, I audited the SEO of ShoutMeLoud and worked on enhancing the present backlink flow. Here are Some of the things that I did:

Improved the general internal link structure.
Deleted low-quality articles.
Doing so, we had a substantial improvement in traffic, getting close to 1.65 million page views.

But we have a lot to do to reach our goal of two million page views/month.

Hint: if you’re not using net push notifications nevertheless , you should as it is a terrific way to drive recurring traffic. Here at ShoutMeLoudwe utilize PushEngage since they give some cutting-edge attributes like Segmentation and Automation. You may read this manual to configure PushEngage to your blog. Here are the stats from my PushEngage dash:

We’re close to reaching 0.3 million readers on PushEngage and this gives us immense reach.

Seems like my woes that are hosting won’t ever end. I won’t ever know paying for bot visitors…

The ShoutMeLoud forum is powered by Discourse, an ad-free forum services.

We get about 45K page views and the forum is hosted on the server that costs $99/month of Discourse; a month the program allows for up to 100K views.

Last week, I had been contacted by the Discourse team and they asked me to update.

I was amazed to discover that, according to them, we obtained 7 million page views.

Unfortunately, they’ve become among those hosting companies that fees for bot visitors…

Most likely, the ShoutMeLoud forum will be transferred to a Digital Ocean serveror another private server (which costs about $20/month). I have avoided doing so as I did not want to manage what will be another headache for handling a system.

However, now it feels like there is no other choice…

Hint: if you’re planning to start a forum with Discourse, you’re better off self-hosting on a host such as Digital Ocean, Linode, or another self-hosted server.

Here is a on the ShoutMeLoud forum for the month of July 2017 to our Shouters before we finish our visitors report:

If I combine all the traffic from all our programs (blog, forum, mobile programs ), we obtained over 1.7 million page views this month.

But we’re still 300K brief of our new goal goal…

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