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how you can do digital downloads review?

how you can do digital downloads review?
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How about launching your portal on WordPress to sell other downloads or eBooks ?

Back in the day, it appeared impossible to prepare a digital downloads shop of your own, but thanks to several online WordPress plugins, today everyone can begin a digital downloads shop on WordPress and begin making money.

Don’t allow the term”digital downloads shop” misguide you, since it’s only a popular term in the company industry. For a blogger like me and you, what it means is:

You may sell eBooksplugins, or topics on your site. (You want to have a product of your own or collaborate with other people to sell their goods.)
Musicians can sell their songs.
Graphic designers can sell images or .psd files.
Any electronic product (picture, audio, video, template, or any other electronic file) can be downloaded for a cost.
You may provide consultancy and collect payment.
This past year, we found an online shop here at ShoutMeLoud to sell eBooks online. I had a solution as Shouters whined about not having the ability to purchase them, to market my eBooks globally.

After a great deal of study and thinking, I figured out it is time to sell eBooks on ShoutMeLoud.

Before launching the shop, another question was:

Can I launch the ShoutMeLoud shop on a sub domain or on the primary domain?

Initially, I thought of starting a shop on a sub domain, but later on I dropped that idea and found it on the primary domain (ShoutMeLoud.com)…

In this tutorial, I will share everything that I have learned about this amazing plugin called”Easy Digital Downloads”.

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What’s EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) & How Does it Work?
It’s fundamentally the WooCommerce equal for electronic goods.

Using Easy Digital Downloads, also referred to as EDD, you can easily set up an online shop (e-commerce shop for electronic downloads) within a few hours. EDD is easy to configure, and as an end user, you will have

Adding or removing new goods.
Setup payment gateways.
It makes it effortless to handle everything in the WordPress dashboard and even adds in a”Downloads” article type for you to easily create new entries.

What I enjoy the most about EDD is how it integrates with all popular WordPress plugins such as AffiliateWP, GravityForms, and lots of others popular products.

Furthermore, this is a free plugin that you may try right now.

EDD features paid add-ons, and that is where they earn money. These add-ons that are paid improve the features of your shop, and I must say, some of the EDD add-ons are important to have.

I got overwhelmed with the number of add-ons, and I was going to purchase their bundle. My decision changed and bought.

It is wise to pick on the bundle in the event you require those add-ons all you are better off by purchasing.

Here are

I also have bought one Instamojo payment gateway add-on from a 3rd party, which is vital for anybody who wishes to collect payment from India.

Note: Indian users whose primary audience is in India should use another gateway besides PayPal because of PayPal restrictions. (An Indian PayPal user can not send or receive payment from other Indian Paypal users.) I advise you to look at other payment gateway like 2checkout and Instamojo.

The Main Thing: Selecting the Perfect payment gateway

The challenge is to choose on the payment gateway. Based upon your target audience’s geo-location and your state of residence, you need to select.

Here are the most popular payment gateways:

EDD has support for PayPal if you don’t need to spend money on purchasing add-ons that are paid and it is a great starting point.

Here is another suggestion if you would like to save money initially…

Programmers have released plugins for EDD that are paid on the EDD shop that was add-on.

Here is the way my EDD e-commerce store appears (see screenshot below or navigate the shop for better understanding):

If you don’t wish to try it on your live website, you can make a staging site or examine it on a local WordPress installation.

For all those who wish to expand their blogging company to next level, EDD is a excellent option.

You begin making money and may make your eBook or eCourse or anything that’s digitally downloadable. I’ve been using the EDD plugin for at least a year and it is a plugin to launch your store.

The staff behind EDD is among the best as you get support and they keep rolling upgrades that are timely out.

From an entrance point, add-ons’ pricing might seem a little steep, but considering the possibilities that this opens to your portal, the cost is well worth it. Moreover, my suggestion would be to include addons gradually as you discover your requirements.

Do let me know if you have questions concerning the EDD plugin. When and what are you planning to start in your WordPress based downloads shop?

In case you enjoyed this review of Easy Digital Downloads, do share it with others that can benefit!

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